Dan M. Davis

High Performance Computing and Education

Director, Technical Initiatives, Wood Duck Research, Inc.
An Independent Consultant Contracted by USC to Act as:
      ISI's Director/Researcher on JESPP Project (Complete)
      ICT's Consultant: on SSP Technology Project (Complete)
      ICT's Consultant: MentorPal & MentStudio Projects (Open)

Electronic Mail

Telephone & Facsimile
Office Phone 310 909-3487
Cell Phone and Text 310 909-3487
For FAX: Scan and email a copy to me

Mailing Address: USPS
HPC Education Consulting
5916 Bixby Village Dr, # 88
Long Beach, California 90803

Dan Davis focuses his research and professional activities
on the use of high performance, parallel computers,
most often large-scale military simulations and
extensions of computer-aided education.

Published Papers
for ICT MentorPal Project &
JESPP - Synthetic Forces Efforts

Professional Activities
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