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Susan Feldt Osborn Letter of October 2015


Dear Classmates,

Dan Davis, Lynda Holten Winchell, and I met for lunch the other day to make plans for future reunions. For the 55th we came up with the dates of June 9-11, 2017. Be sure to mark your calendars. Also Gary Faulstich and Karen Gunn Johnston offered to host a mini reunion in Glendale, Arizona, March 11-13, 2016. We did this three years ago and had a fun time and good turnout.

Torry Krutzke came up with the following idea for a Sunday brunch for June 11, 2117.

One place I have been to is Maguireville. This is the private museum of Jim and Donna Maguire. For a donation he has in the past opened it up to meetings, weddings, etc. A gathering there would need to be catered, and I could arrange both use of Maguireville and catering that on this end. If we were to use Maguireville it should be a daytime activity, lunch would be great. Plan on about 2 hours seeing the museum. For those that have dificulty walking, there are some historic out buildings, Jim has a 6 passenger golf cart.

There is no admission at the museum, but as mentioned he requests a donation. When 25 of us used it last year we donated $100.

Here is a blog on the museum:

Sheri Davis McLaughlin has offered her home once again for the Friday night party. It is a wonderful opportunity to get together and visit.

Taffy Gray McLaughlin offered to host a get-together for all those who went to kindergarten together.

We are open to suggestions for other Saturday afternoon activities and for a place to have dinner Saturday night where we would have a private room that would not be too expensive.

I have such fond memories of our 50th high school reunion and am looking forward to seeing many of you at the 55th.


Susan Feldt Osborn




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