Cheyenne Mountain High School - Class of '62 - 50th Anniversary

We Need Your Current Picture and Bio

These are for the class reunion picture and bios page, on-line and printed.
For those who hate to write or who don't even have five minutes,
a Bio Questionaire can be done in a flash ( < 4 minutes).

We have closed down the bio input window for the time being.

If you have input or changes, just click on Address below and attach your corrections or new pictures .

More Detailed Instructions For Submitting Picture and Bio


    Please send us a recent "head and shoulders" photograph, black and white or color.

    Whether it is digital or hard copy, the head and shoulder portion should be at least 200 x 300 pixels.

    Digital cameras are typically a couple of thousand pixels wide and more than a thousand high; cell phone cameras are usually ~ 640 x 480 or better.

    If you have a good portrait at home and want to scan it, 200 dpi resolution is more than enough.

    You can digitize a photo taking a picture of it with a digital camera, being careful to avoid glare.

    If you have a good phone camera, you can use that as well.


    Please send us a one-paragraph biography, outlining your major life events and current status.

    Something on the order of 100 words or 600 characters is about right.

    Try to include the things you think your classmates would want to know about you.

Other Materials

    We'd love to have other pictures you want to share or a much longer bio if you have one. We will link these to your picture and bio page entry.

    Also, if you have pages on line, e.g. a Picasa account with pictures you want us to see, we can include that link too.

Delivery to the Reunion Team

    In addition to the bio input box above, there are four options for getting the materials to us: File Upload Page, Cell Phone Picture Message, U.S. Mail or eMail.

File Upload Page - this is now down for the time being. Just email stuff to

Cell Phone Picture Message: if your cell phone has a camera, get someone to take a picture of you and send it to 310 909-3487 along with your name

U.S. Mail: if you are not on line or have other preferences, just mail photos and text to Dan Davis, 10744 Molony Road, Culver City, CA 90230 and make sure to include your current address so I can mail back any pictures you send.

eMail attachments: if you have files and want to email them to us, just use your mail tool to attach them to an email to . Otherwise, you can use the template below and email us your data; we will write the bio for you.


    Name -

    Address -

    Phone -

    Marital Status -

    Spouse's Name -

    Number of sons -

    Number of daughters -

    Number of grandchildren -

    College and degree info -

    Career or Job you had -

    Another Job, etc. -

    Military Service -

    Favorite Travel Spot -

    Recent Travel -

    Hobbies -

    Interesting Fact - .


If you have any questions, please call 310 909-3487.

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