Our Memories of times at the

Howdy Pard

Carl Rowe remembers Howdy Pard:

My most vivid memories of Howdy Pard were Howdy Burgers with cheese and cherry limeades and the time a group of guys from Palmer and Wasson invaded our turf (Howdy Pard) and Jack Sawyer and I were the only guys from Cheyenne there (where was James Anderson when we really needed him?!).


Susan Feldt Osborn has some rather unpleasant things to recall:

The memory that stands out in my mind is when I was joking back and forth with a bunch of boys-- something I was in the habit of doing. I guess I pushed them too far because they picked me up and threw me in the dumpster! I fell to the bottom, since it was almost empty, and discovered how really, really dirty dumpsters are. Any of you want to fess up to throwing me in the dumpster? I don't remember who any of the culprits were.


Karen Gund Johnston has a little more palatable set of memories:

Gosh, my memories of Howdy Pard are when I actually worked there and I think they lost money on me since I kept making milk shakes and drinking them myself. Susan you were pretty rowdy in those days and look at you now. I, on the other hand, was shy and reserved then and you should see me now.


Chuck Armstrong has another take on where to get lots of food for teenage boys:

Hey, how about a dozen Michaelis hamburgers for a dollar? Remember those? Add a quart of A&W root beer and we had a good snack!


Dan Davis remembers a dispersed hierarchy of good food:

Howdy Pard down on 8th Street had the best shakes. McDonalds across from Skyway on 8th had the best fries back then. Red Top down on Nevada had the best (and biggest) hamburgers Our RCAF classmates missed having vinegar on their "chips."

But Howdy Pard is where you hung out. Remember the "Garth's Idle" named after the popular drive in down on South Nevada. You put your emergency brake on a little so your engine had to labor when driving in and out of the drive-in, making it sound hotter than it really was. The miracle is that any of us survived.

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