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CMHS Class of 62; 50th class Reunion


The Reunion committee spent many months of effort in preparation for our grand event. There was tremendous emailing, phone calling, reservation making, meetings and such, and then, after a few days of much anticipated glory and fellowship, our Reunion in a flash, was over, though never to be forgotten.  

During our several days of activities, the mountains were hazy due especially to two forest fires. On June 11 however, with our Reunion over, we headed out of town in our rental car. I glanced up at the mountains who bore permanent witness to so much of our collective growing up, our adolescence, and finally our High School graduation fifty years ago, in 1962. For some secrets, only we, and the mountains knew, and know. On this particular day, the haze had cleared and Cheyenne, Cutler, Almagre, Pikes Peak and the others shone brightly in the sun, as if harbingers of our warm and continuing future contact - all with each other.

During our various events and side trips, amidst so many animated conversations, I noticed from time to time, many of us (myself included), periodically would stare off into space, with eyes glazed over, suggesting a kind of time-travel, back to old school memories of 50, and even close to 60 years ago, for those who started grade school at Cheyenne. 

We were transported back to those old school memories, voices, romances, first loves, wishes, dreams, dreads, lockers slamming shut, creaky floors, hallway sounds, stifling hot rooms in the winter time, the crush of fall leaves underfoot, the smells of springtime, the wonders of first snowfalls, and most of all, then, our goals of  graduating, growing up, and being on our own.

Our nostalgic, regressive thoughts and memories may have run something like this: "You're going out with her? He has a really neat car... My folks won't let me... Pick me up for the hockey game?  You're not going to do any homework this weekend?  He would never ask me... That makes me sick... My folks won't let me...  I can't wait to get out of school...  Can you get the car tonight? He gave you his ring? Let's meet at Pard...   Does he smoke?   You have to walk if you go with him...  Guess who's going steady?   Let's go have lunch at Cut-a-Corner... Do you want to marry her? How 'bout a smoke at the creek?  Guess who broke up?  I can't do math... She is so smart... You bring the beer? I hate the homework he gives us...  If only I was as good looking as him... That class is so dumb... Another pep rally - ugh!  I've got to go to the office again... I'll try to sit next to her in study hall... Why can't the cafeteria have good food? She's just a freshman... If they catch you, you'll get detention... If only I had her brains... Why do we have to do this? Isn't his tattoo neat? I hate homework... I can hardly wait for vacation... Better watch it - her Dad looks mean...  That class is easy...  If only I was a senior...   Can you help me with this homework? How can I get her to like me? AND ON AND ON AND ON.................................................

In the old days there was a bit of adolescent snobbery, remember? The popular kids kept mostly to themselves, the jocks mostly with other jocks, rich kids with the rich, popular kids with the populars, in-groups with in-groups, smart kids, with the smart, etc.

Now though, we've evolved and partially reincarnated ourselves into a more tolerant version.   Our adolescent artificiality, brashness, and superficialities, have been replaced with understanding, compassion, maturity (Don't you hate that word)?  Our youthful idealistic zest for life has been replaced by a sometimes not-so-kind realism - for the world can be a tough place, and fate can be cruel, and it has been for some of us. Our youthful invincibility, spirit, and energy has turned into gray hair, thinning hair, no hair, hearing aids, glasses, and medical issues. Our slim, trim innocence has transformed into worldly experience, showing its wear, tear, and for some unfortunately, heavy duty emotional scars.

We are a High School community once again but now, with wisdom, tolerance, and much time under our belts.  Gone are the specialized cliques.  A wonderful overall group charisma exudes when we're now all together again.  I truly felt the highest regard, almost a reverence, with each and every class member. Meeting so many spouses was great, and added to the experience. Our 50th Reunion was one of the most meaningful, emotional events of my life. 

Thank you all.

Looking forward to doing it all over again in 10 or 5 years, whatever is decided.

                                             Barry C. Smith


Dan Davis 2012