Biography of

Karen Bakken Predovich


Karen Bakken Predovich received her M.A, in Guidance and Counseling from Western State College in 1969 the same year that she married her beau from college. He was now in the Air Force and stationed in Puerto Rico. They were together one week and he had to go to Thailand so she returned to school to graduate. He was in the Air Force for 26 years so being seperated for long periods of time was the norm. He retired to Canon City on a small farm and she went to work at Cotopaxi School. She retired after 17 years. At one time she had 4 horses, 3 goats, 3 dogs, minature donkeys, cows, and one granddaughter. She never experienced the empty nest syndrome when her three boys took flight. Her dream of going on a cruise was answered by her husband who bought a pontoon boat and a 5th wheel. They have explored all the exotic sights of Blue Mesa in Gunnison. Last summer she left everyone and traveled on a pilgrimage to Europe with her church. She has been very busy of late playing with her new Iphone after giving up her flip phone which was the one designed for military/construction workers. She proved to Verizon that it was not indestructable. She keeps busy with VFW Auxiliary, church activities, family gatherings and her teenage grandaughter. A major part of her life right now is figuring out facebook, text messaging, new slang, snapchat, her Iphone and taking selfies that do not reveal her age.


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