Biography of

Bill Bibler

After graduation, Bill did not stray far from Cheyenne Mountain, earning d a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  He then enlisted in the Navy, seeing sea duty on aircraft carriers and receiving an appointment as a LDO. He did duty in Hawai'i and had a "twilight tour" at Space Command back in Colorado Spring. He retired as a Commissioned Officer.

His first marriage ended in a divorce in 1994, but he remarried three years later. He has been happily married to his wife, Trish, for 14 years. He raised two sons, Chad and Jason, and has been graced by a grandchild Keagan. . Chad is a Naval Officer (LCDR) and is now
deployed on the USS Bunker Hill with the USS Carl Vinson battle group. Jason is an assistant coach for the women's volleyball team at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.

He is "retired for good" and mostly rides his bicycle and takes trips to see his two sons, his great daughters-in-law (Amanda and Sara) and his first grandson, Keagan. A second grandson will arrive in California (a first born for Chad and Amanda) in February. Amanda is a lawyer in San Diego and is married to Chad, the Naval Officer. Down in Texas, Sara is a first grade teacher and a mom to Keagan.

Bill still likes to travel in the U.S. and has seem most of it.  He particularly likes touring on a bicycle and completed a long cross-country bike trip just last year. Bill stayed in Colorado Springs when he got out of the Navy and he worked for District 11, Palmer High School, for a decade before retiring again.

Dan Davis 2012