Biography of
James "Cowie" Cowart

Near Boulder, Colorado Apr 2012

Cowie continued his golf and hockey at West Point, and continued dating Todd at nearby Skidmore College. Upon graduating they spent four years in Germany and Korea while Jim was in the Signal Corps.

Thinking that more education would be useful, Jim got a Master of Fine Arts in Photography, and finding no work, a Masters in Environmental Engineering. Todd earned her JD and practiced appellate and malpractice law for 15 years before taking early retirement with chronic fatigue syndrome.

After their house got mushed in 1993 by Hurricane Andrew in Miami, they returned to the mountains outside Boulder where Jim continues to work full time on mining, oil and gas, and hazardous waste projects. Jim is also director of a local watershed non-profit. 

They have one son, Chris, who graduated from Tufts and Stanford, living in Palo Alto with his wife Tamsinn and two daughters, Talulah and Sailor.



Dan Davis 2012