Biography for

Edward "Pete" Davis


After CMHS, a false start at CU – 1 wasted semester. A couple years work, then started over at CC, with B.A. after 4 years. The corporate world – auditing, comptrolling, and boredom - lasted about 6 years, including a move to Kansas City. Since then I’ve been self-employed dealing in collectibles – first rare coins, some fine arts, and (since 1982) watches. Most of my business is at trade shows throughout the U.S.A. and in Europe. The travel is wearing, but can lead to extra trips to new and different places and cultures. And I have to admit - yes I have a map with pins in it.

Love life had a false start too, but I met Rennie in 1988, and that’s a forever deal. I inherited a daughter who has since married and now has twin boys. They will call me “ PopTop” – a name most fitting of me in the ‘60s and still today.

As to hobbies, I spent part of the ’80 earning my pilot’s license, instrument rating and seaplane ticket. Camping at the ‘fly-In’ in Oshkosh, Wi. is a regular vacation.

I’ll forever be car crazy, though way behind on some restoration projects. I’m a member of a local car club and can boast that I’ve driven one of my (running) cars around the F-1 track at Indy. Rallys are fun but I love the old spitting and farting cars that can’t keep up with the young Turks’ modern rocket cars.

Also behind on home improvement and other miscellaneous projects. Being behind seems to go with the DIY syndrome, which runs rampant here. I always seem to run out of time and energy before I run out of things to do, but would never want that to change.

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