Biography for

Frank "Torry" Krutzke


Frank, better known to his friends as Torry, lives with his wife of 41 years, Carol, in Pueblo, Colorado. After leaving Cheyenne Mountain in 1960 Torry graduated from the Abbey School, that used to be located in Canon City. He served for a total of eight years in the Air Force, including the periods he was on active duty. His entire time was spent attached to the 138th AC&W (Aircraft Control & Warning) Squadron of the Colorado Air National Guard.   Shortly after he joined the unit, its Air Force mission changed to a GEEIA (Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency) function, although the unit maintained a weekday mission, most of the members were also Colorado Civil Service employees, providing radar services to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

During the time he was a member he  had TDY (Temporary DutY) deployments in Croughton, England and Sinop, Turkey. These were for installation of high security communications equipment.  At Croughton, the USAF had the European War Weather Center and Sinop was a large radar listening post monitoring Russia.  After he left the unit its mission changed again to a Mobile Radar and Communications unit, and now has an active mission in Columbia providing remote radar and communications services to the Columbian government for drug interdiction.

Following this stint in the United States Air Force, Torry went to college at the University of Southern Colorado and on to the University of Denver Law School. Then, he went to work as plant manager and high liability examiner for Transamerica Title Insurance Company. After retirement, he spent 12 years as a math and science specialist for School District No. 60 in Pueblo. Now retired for the second time, Torry and his wife Carol enjoy riding mules, flying planes (both are pilots), enjoying the great Colorado outdoors and spending time with daughter Debbie, son Mark, Mark's wife Bernadette and three grandchildren.

In the 5 years since our last gathering there have been pleasant changes. In August of 2015 our daughter, Debbie, moved back to Colorado. We had not seen her much in many years and the opportunity to get together on a regular basis is delightful. Our grandsons are now all out on their own and establishing themselves in careers; Dan, the oldest is an architect for Peter Kiewit and Sons, Aaron works in loss prevention at Macy’s, and Luke, the youngest, is beginning a music career in Nashville, TN.

Also of importance are the many re-acquaintances I have made with my Cheyenne classmates. Beginning, of course, with the reunion; then continuing to get together at the Manitou Trading Post. Having left Cheyenne in 1959 I missed out on getting to know so many of you. Both Carol and I thank Terry Schmidt for this; he has been a great catalyst to bring us together on a regular basis.

On the more serious side of life, I still go to the University of Colorado Hospital every 6 months for an extensive MRI; having, in 2010, been found with a very early stage, but fast growing, pancreatic (IPM) carcinoma. This resulted in the surgical removal of 75% of my pancreas. I am very blessed to have caught it extremely early and to be continuing with no evidence of a reoccurrence.

� Dan Davis 2012