Memories of Lois Amm


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Sheri Davis has warm memories of Lois:

I knew Lois Amm through Kay Schaffer. They lived on Cheyenne Boulevard, close to each other, so they walked to school together along with Jeannie Love. Lois also had a locker close to mine, so we talked and laughed a lot together. She and I were the same height. That was good for me because there were times I thought I was too tall. She was a very nice person. I am glad to have known her.


Karen Bakken knew Lois:

Lois was a soft spoken, attractive girl with beautiful eyes. She was always friendly and kind. I always thought she was much more mature than many of us as she did not seem to get too involved in the typical high school emotions, pranks, gossip and melodrama that often infiltrated the high school environment. I never heard an unkind word from her or about her.


Barry Smith remembers Lois:

I remember she was quiet, dignified, a very good student - always seemed to have the right answers when teachers called on her. At the after-prom party, her date was the guy she was soon to (and did) marry.


Karen Edwards Kuykendall has a memory of Lois's kindness:

When I moved to Colorado in October of my 6th grade year, Lois was very kind to me. She took me under wing and introduced me to classmates and made me feel welcome. I have always appreciated her help.

Dan Davis 2012