Memories of Cy Dyer


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Barry Smith remembers Cy:

Probably the guy-star of our class - popular with all, excellent athlete, good student, homecoming king a couple of times I think. He was for sure, one of the kingpins of the in-crowd. In a 6th grade softball game at Broadmoor elementary, he struck out nearly every kid in our Skyway 6th grade class, with his extremely fast pitches.


Dan Davis remembers Cy:

Cy was an all-around athlete, being a key player on many of the teams. I played basketball on the Junior High basketball teams with him. I can still remember his innate skills and natural talents. My elder bother Ed and my younger brother Mark were classmates of Lee and Mark Dyer respectively. So the Davis and the Dyer boys were a consistent presence for more than a decade at Cheyenne. For Cy to have been so physically blessed and to lose him so early seems tragic.


Karen Bakken found Cy to be gifted:

Cy was a great athlete and an all-around great guy. He gave me several rides on his Vespa which I thought was great until I swallowed some kind of big bug. In high school his devotion was to athletic performance and competition and he certainly did well. I am so glad that I did get to spend some time visiting with him at a reunion before he had to do battle with his disease. It is hard to understand why such a healthy dedicated athlete would have to die so young. Nobody said that life would be fair.


Susan Feldt knew Cy for a long time:

I had known Cy since kindergarten. We both played tennis at the Broadmoor Golf Club, and my mother, who was an excellent tennis player, was often his partner in tournaments. His athletic capability carried over on the tennis court too. When I was 16, my parents threw a surprise birthday party for me. I wasn't dating anyone at the time, and since Cy and I were good friends and tennis buddies, he agreed to be my escort. So sad to see a life cut short as was the case with a number of our classmates.

Dan Davis 2012