Memories of Nancy Johnson


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Sheri Davis appreciated Nancy's sense of humor:

Nancy Johnson was funny and she seemed to want to please you and have you be her friend. I enjoyed her company, she also had friends closer to her. On our 40th reunion, she called and asked if she could stay at my house with me. I had looked forward to some time with her at this stage of our lives. She was not able to attend because her health was not good. I missed out on time with her.

Barry Smith remembers Nancy:

"Quietly spirited," is how I would describe her. She was a good, and serious student.


Dan Davis remembers Nancy:

Nancy was a studious classmate. In Mr. Ciofalo's Latin class, he wanted Nancy and me to sing Adeste Fideles as a duet. I was, of course, appalled, as would be most 15 - 16 year-old boys. Later when I thought about it, it struck me that he was trying to set us up. Ah, the Latins are a romantic lot. I emailed Nancy about a decade ago, just to check in. Her illness had changed her. She had become dependent on others for many of life's demands. It was a sorry ending. I prefer to remember her as a fun classmate so long ago.


Karen Bakken celebrates Nancy's spirit:

Nancy was a good student with a good personality. She could be pretty serious but could be really funny at times.

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