Memories of Ed Mahanke

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Barry Smith remembers Ed:

In response to whether Ed, who is listed as having died in Kansas, had any Kansas connections: Yes, I think he did have some sort of Kansas connection - maybe had lived there before coming to Cheyenne (?) I believe he always spoke fondly and warmly of Kansas.


Lynn Wallack has very extrensive memories of Ed:

Ed Mahanke was my best friend at CMHS; - - - when I was in 11th grade, my parents divorced and left town - - - Ed's folks invited me to move in with them and, so, I did.

We both had a full-time job at KKTV from 2:30 pm until 12:00 pm, - - - .we were "hot s..t"!; - - - we were 16 and 17! Ed was the film director for commercials and "live news" film and we both operated the "live" TV cameras for commercial spots, the live clown show, and the daily news broadcasts We got the jobs because my father, before he left town, was the chief engineer and Ed's oldest brother was marketing director.

Later on, after graduation, we both moved to Kansas City and went to a trade school for electronics. - - Ed loved it and I didn't; - - - after a couple of years in KC, I went on to Kansas University (Architecture and Engineering) and Ed stayed in KC - - - we lost touch as our lives developed in different directions - - - and, so, it went. I didn't know about Ed's passing away or, for that matter, any of the others - - sad for sure.

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