Memories of Chris Nicoll


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Karen Gund Johnston has both mental and photographic memories to share:

This is the only picture I have of Chris Nicoll. This is Terri Munro, Chris , Susan Feldt and Raye Smith at a slumber party I had at my house. My memories of Chris are that she was always very gracious to me and welcomed me into her home. I always admired her intelligence and beauty. I was so sorry to hear that she had succumbed to the very disease that I have battled since 1988. It is a hard one to understand.


Gund Slumber

Dr. Donna Johnson has memories of a more animal nature:

I remember the day Chris and I skipped school and drove that old big green car of hers to Boulder to visit Bob Munro. And somehow, later, I ended up with his fraternity's uncontrollable squirrel monkey! I guess other parents weren't keen on having it (seems that someone tried) but my parents had survived my brother Sam's pregnant rattlesnake who gave birth to twenty something babies (which once got loose in the house), so what could they say? The maniac monkey didn't stay long. I don't remember what became of it.


Terri Munro has good memories of her friend:

I remember that monkey! We were stuck with him most of the summer and I hate monkeys to this day! Does anyone remember the goat Chris bought and tried to raise? It wound up at Star Ranch too as I recall. I loved the Green Grunt - so many fun times in that car. Chris was a lovely person and will be missed.


Barry Smith remembers Chris:

Probably the girl-star of our class. Wasn't she Homecoming Queen a couple of times? Quiet, serious, yet fun-loving. I often saw her walking home, along with Susan Feldt after school. They both lived very close to school. Chris had a characteristic way she clasped her zip-up notebook thing many of us had (what were they called)? to herself, as if hugging it. This is how she went from class to class, and to home, after school.


Sheri Davis honors Chris:

Chris Nicoll was a special woman, you knew that when she was young. I did not know her well, as she had friends who were much closer to her. I was always aware of her intelligence and grace. She seemed to handle life with both attributes.

Chris Powder Puff Football Game

Susan Feldt and Chris were very close in High School:

Chris Nicoll was one of my very best friends. We only lived two blocks from each other, and we often walked to school together. Our parents were good friends also, and we had sleep overs at each other's houses. In high school, we often dated guys in the same group and went on double dates. Chris was an excellent role model to our class and to me. She was smart, modest, and made sure no one was ever left out of activities. She will be truly missed at our reunion.


Dan Davis remembers Chris:

Chris had many fine qualities, not the least of which was her high intelligence. She went to Duke (as later did my younger brother. Mark) and did well there. I am a little surprised she did not go farther in her education than she did and get a graduate degree. She was always gracious to me, one time trying to invite me to the Sadie Hawkins dance; being too proud to accept charity, I rebuffed her with a flippant remark, for which I am now contrite. Her accomplishments with her family and her philanthropic pursuits seem to justify our high opinion of her. I hope she was content with what she had wrought when the time came to leave us.

Chris Nicoll - Connectivut


Karen Bakken honors Chris for her teaching:

I respected Chris for her intelligence and demeanor. She always seemed so "together" and exhibited a level of maturity uncommon for a typical high school girl. She was a person that went on to make a difference in the world through her volunteerism and founding of the New Haven Reads Literacy Program. Her life ended too soon but it touched many hundreds of lives by giving them the gift of reading.

Dan Davis 2012