Memories of Ron Pinello


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Raye Smith Wilson has fond memories of Ron:

Ronnie, my cousin who was like my brother. Though it seemed like he was always teasing me, he also protected me and stuck up for me.


Sheri Davis liked Ron and has good memories of him:

Ron Pinello was an everyday part of my school day. Teasing, laughing and challenging me to life. One Friday night he gave me his Corvette to drive. I think I was to go home and pick something up. I have no idea of any of the circumstances. I just know I drove that Corvette and loved every moment. I think maybe we were building the Homecoming float and I had something that could go on the float. I haven't driven a Corvette since. I also haven't seen and enjoyed a smile like Ronnie's since.


Barry Smith remembers Ron:

Another star of our class. Everyone liked him. He was kind to all. Very fun loving. Laughed with ease, enjoyed humor.


Dan Davis remembers Ron:

Ron always had a engaging smile on his face and a kind word for everyone. I remember still, his riding his motor bike around, his driving the Corvette, and his participating in a square-dance exhibition. That showed the kind of range he had. Ron was one of the nicest guys I ever met. Even though we were not close friends, he was always very nice to me and made sure I was included in activities to which I would not otherwise be invited. But, the smile was Ron; look at the picture above! What a treat to have known him; what a loss to us all to have him only in our memories.


Karen Bakken also remembers that smile:

I know that all of us were shocked and very sad when we heard of Ron's accident. I have thought so many times of how his parents coped with this family tragedy. We will always remember his smile and friendly nature. He just had a natural charisma and cheerfulness that permeated the hallways. He could always cheer you up. He is remembered well and is missed.

Ron Pinello 2nd Grade

Ron Pinello - ca. 1952
Photo from Torry Krutzke


Gary Faulstich was close to Ron, but Stich found it hard to put it on paper:

I finally decided to finish the memories I have of him in grade/junior/high school even though it was very difficult for me. He was the closest thing I had in school for a brother and his parents were like second parents to me. I spent alot of time at his house down on Cheyenne Road across from the school yard. He had a perfect yard to throw snowballs at cars coming down Cresta and Cheyenne roads. We also did "rabbiting" on unsuspecting cars from his yard and then ran back to his yard after riding on the back bumpers of cars. When his parents sold that house and moved to the Broadmoor area, we were all very sad to see our "fun playground" go to strangers.

Another fun memory of Ron is when we were in junior high, we had this fantasy family where Gery Bensberg, Ron and I would assume the roles of various family figures. It seems rather strange now, but we were very serious about our "family" then. It now reminds me of "The Godfather" films........".

I think this last memory of Ron may have been when we were out of high school, however he had an Afghan dog and it ate all the upholstery out of his front seat in his car!!! Ron was truly a close and loyal friend and our friendship will never be forgotten.




Dan Davis 2012