Memories of Doug Sheldon


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Raye Smith Wilson remembers Doug:

He was one of my favorites - - Fodui (Latin for dug), a cherished nickname.


Barry Smith remembers Doug:

I remember he was a serious, very quiet kid, who played hockey and skied. When a joke was told he laughed in a reserved, but warm manner. It's disheartening to know he died so young, doing what so many of us loved, and love - skiing.


Dan Davis remembers a kind of different Doug:

When I worked with Doug on the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad the summer after our first year in college, he was a "wild and crazy" guy. The only thing he was really super-serious about was the environment. Long before it was a national craze, he was a premier ecologist. When we went camping, we not only cleaned up our own mess, but anyone else's who had left trash.


Terri Munro also knew Doug after Cheyenne:

I still miss Doug- he was one of my best friends in high school, and he and his brother Duffy got me in endless trouble at CU. Many great ski trips!


Karen Bakken remembers Doug's irrepressible spirit:

Doug was usually quiet in the classrooms but he would talk under his breath and say things that would really crack me up. He would make hysterical comments and send me funny notes I think he knew that I would melt if I ever got embarrassed by a teacher. I think that he got me a few times with a stinger made from a hairpin. (Anybody remember those?) We never got in trouble but we often got strange looks from Mr. Beasley and Mr. Ciofalo He was another great classmate who lost his life too early.

Dan Davis 2012