Memories of Ann Wiltrout


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Stich remembers his friend:

Ann was one of my closest friends in High School. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of what a wonderful friend she was and the fact that I will never see her again. I remember many fun parties at her house and I remember her mom, Dodie, was one of the coolest parents ever! I am glad that Barb Lutz is coming to the reunion—she was Ann’s cousin. Ann and I had many late night conversations about her love life and I think I was able to help her out considerably. She is missed terribly!!!


Barry Smith remembers Ann:

Full of life and highly energetic. Another one that died way too young.


Sheri Davis and Ann had fine times together:

Ann Wiltrout was in and out of my life because of Karen Bakken. She and Ann became friends, then including Ann in all the activities Karen and I participated in. I also remember Barbara Cooper because she lived close to Ann and they were friends. I knew Karen Bakken best, but because of her and Barbara, I got to know Ann. Ann was her own person, tried new things and seemed to not be afraid of the "normal of the day" I admired her spirit.


Karen Bakken has especially deep memories of Ann:

Ann came to Cheyenne during eighth grade and had moved from a little town in Kansas.  The boys loved to tease her as she was so good natured.  I had some empathy for her as I also had moved from a small town in Iowa..We found we had many things in common and became great friends.  She taught me the meaning of  BFF or "best friend forever".   We had very few if any arguments--even when we sometimes liked the same guy.  I think I was at her house more than my own and we would talk late into the night about all the stuff high school girls talk about.  We shared our dreams as well as our fears.  We laughed and cried.  Her mother, Dody, was a saint to put up with all the teens that seemed to always end up at Ann's house.  Dody also made a great impact on my life.  Dody took an interest in Ann's friends and often listened and talked to many of us late into the night.  Dody was the adult that we trusted and someone we could go to if we needed to talk or get some advice.  She was a mentor and role model to me. 

There were a few times that Ann snuck the big black Cadillac out in the middle of the night with no place to go but it was just fun cruising.  Ann had won a white Renault before she even had her license.  We just had to try it out so we took it out to go pick up Taffy.  Just as we turned into her driveway Ann overcorrected and hit the fence.  Luckily, we got the brown paint off the Renault so it had no visible damage.  The fence was "just a little broken" so we hoped no body would notice.  We got away with it.  Barb Lutz, Ann's cousin, was often an accomplice in our adventures.  Chinese fire drills at the stop lights, "rabbiting" on the bumper down a snowy road, and "yard exploring" were some of our tamer games.    

 The summer after we graduated was filled with fun but apprehension as everyone was bound to different places.  I wondered how our lives and friendships would change.  Ann and I saw each other during the summers and out in California.  She came to my wedding and I was planning to attend hers but it happened that my husband was coming home that same week from Thailand.  She married  an Air Force man and was teaching special education in Georgia.  She was hit by someone who ran a red light I believe.  One of my greatest regrets is that I did not attend her wedding.

Her death brought me to a grim reality of losing a friend.  We often take our family and friends for granted and never realize that they can be taken away from us so quickly.  I often think of Ann and how great it would have been to see each other occasionally as we rode this crazy roller coaster called life. We would have shared family stories and laughed and cried  as only good friends can do. We would have talked about our grandkids and complained about our gray hair and wrinkles. We would have had afternoon wine with our tuna fish sandwiches.

 I still miss her but feel that I was truly blessed to have had a best friend to be there for me during the teen years. Even after all these years I still am filled with an emptiness.


Dan Davis 2012