Bio—Jim McCammon

Jim McCammon is retired and living on three acres of mixed oak and conifer forest in the California Gold Country. He is happily married and has two children, one finishing his Masters in geology at LSU and the other an undergraduate in engineering at UC Davis.

Since leaving Cheyenne Mountain, Jim attended Occidental College, in Los Angeles; received a Masters (in Zoology) from the University of Michigan; and researched porpoises at UCLA. He worked for six years as a marine biologist for the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, during which time he wrote papers describing two new species of marine worm.

Between 1978 and 1983, Jim traveled the South Pacific as owner and master of a 30 foot sailboat. He and his wife, Joan, were married on the island of Moorea; they traveled as far as the coast of Australia, weathered several gales and one hurricane at sea, and had many adventures.

Returning to America, Jim worked in hazardous waste regulation for the State of California, first in the San Francisco Bay Area, then in Los Angeles, and finally, in Sacramento.  He now hunts and skis, in season; putters on his property, out of season; and is very content.

Dan Davis 2012