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Terry Ken Schmidt


Terry - 2011


Terry Ken Schmidt attended Cheyenne Mountain school from kindergarten through tenth grade then graduated from Air Academy High School in 1962. For the next four years, Terry attended Fort Lewis College (Durango). In 1966 he joined the Air Force where he was with the Air Police. He also instructed arts and crafts and developed children's programs.

Terry received an honorable discharge and continued his education at Western State College of Colorado (Gunnison). He became a horse wrangler at Lost Valley Ranch (Sedalia) for two seasons before heading to Ignacio, near Durango, to work in a saddle shop and live on the Southern Ute and Navajo Reservation.

In 1972 Terry moved to a small ranch west of Wray, Colorado, where he lived for six years, In addition to running the ranch, he operated heavy equipment and bulldozers for Yuma County. Terry drove west and bought a home on Colorado Springs' west side. As a country western musician, Terry played the gut-bucket bass at the Brass Ass in Cripple Creek, the Broadmoor International Center, and numerous radio and television remotes. He also appeared on the Ernest Tubb and Dave Dudley shows.

Terry graduated from real estate college and in 1982 purchased the Keenan Cattle Ranch (Wray) and raised cattle. Since then Terry has maintained both properties-his ranch and his home-traveling to Wray to serve the community. The Keenan Ranch, which celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2000, sponsors the annual Keenan Ranch Excellence Award, honoring and encouraging young people who have extraordinarily served their community and families.

Terry has been featured in Cowboy Magazine, and his cowboy and Indian artifact collection is discussed in the book Cowboy Kind. He has several items displayed at the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy and the Pioneer Museum, both in Colorado Springs.

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