Biography for
Barry C. Smith


Barry got both Bachelor's and Master's degrees after leaving Cheyenne. He did his undergraduate work at Eastern New Mexico University and his graduate studies there and at Utah State University. Later, he taught at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and at other schools.

Barry's first marriage lasted 23 years and they had two children, Heidi and Gerald, and a grandson named Grant. Then, 18 years ago, he married for the second time. His wife, Suwanna, is Thai - an Ophthalmology Technician and an excellent cook-Thai, or any other kind of food.

After a stint as a PhD student, he had a career as a psychologist, then became a government energy conservationist. He notes that his longest held job - 11 years, was as a Rehabilitation Counselor at the State Hospital in Pueblo. He also worked as a Vocational Evaluator for Goodwill Industries, a drug and alcohol counselor in Adult Corrections, and as a counselor at a Methadone clinic.

Barry is now retired and a house husband. He is back to playing trumpet again after not playing for 30 years and he performs with the Eugene New Horizons Concert Band. Barry was a born-again skier (like trumpet), till a snow boarder ran him down. Now he says he's a bit gun shy.

For about 20 years he was a ship-in-a-bottle maker. Belonged to a couple of organizations dealing with same, entered a few state fairs, art shows and such, won a few ribbons. Then one day as he was working on his ships, (I always worked on several at once), he notes that he discovered it was turning into work. No hobby should be work, so he finished up the ones under construction, then donated most of his collection (several hundred) to a local museum here. He and his wife visited an outstanding museum in Pattaya, Thailand which is devoted mostly to ships in bottles. It is owned and run by a Dutch Ex-pat. If you're ever there, be sure to go see ... The Bottle Art Museum.

They've been in Oregon for 12 years. Barry previously was in New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, Utah, Texas, Montana., and Arizona. He enjoys Do It Yourself projects, yard work, Kindle, Jazz, sushi, talk radio, health club, backyard nature. He intends to go back to Thailand this summer, which will be his 4th time.

Dan Davis 2012