Raye Smith

Raye attended CSU, met and married Rick, then graduated from DU, majoring in sociology. She worked as a caseworker in the welfare department starting in Denver, and continuing in SLC when Rick’s job transferred them there. She ended up with a small caseload in that office, specializing in women with emotional problems.

Dan was born in 1970, and Raye became a full-time mom. Shortly after his arrival, Rick was transferred again, this time to California; they lived 18 years in that state, in the Bay area and also in Orange County. Matt and Sara were born there.  It was a busy, good life with Raye being involved in the kids’ schools and activities and all that that entails.  In 1986, though, life as such changed forever when Matt died from injuries he received in a car/skateboard accident.

Tragedies have a way of changing priorities, and so, deciding the corporate life was no longer for them, in 1989, Raye and Rick returned to Colorado.  Here they fulfilled a dream of going into the cattle business. Raye quickly learned how to ride a horse (and get back on when thrown off), how to drive cattle without causing a stampede, how to brand and inoculate them, how to assist in the birthing of calves; she learned how to build and mend fences, how to respond to middle of the night calls - - “your cattle are out on the road” - - and she learned how to partner with Rick in a whole different way.

They are retired now and her time is spent visiting with kids (Dan in Portland, OR, and Sara in Fort Collins) and grandkids (“Mimi” to 6), being involved in a small church, camping and traveling when they can get away, doing calligraphy, learning to play a Celtic harp, and enjoying their ranch property.

Over all, her life has been a quiet one, but blessed.

� Dan Davis 2012