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Demographic Data of Test-takers


Mean = 18.2


Mixed-Ancestry = 3.8% European = 50.4%
Mid-East = 2.3% Black = 7.6%
Asian = 16.8% Latino = 2.3%
Native-Amer = 3.1% Pacific-Islander = 0.0%
Decline To State = 14.5%


Elementary = 7.6% High School = 9.8%
Bachelors = 40.2% Masters = 27.3%
Doctoral = 15.2%

Preliminary Data Results

of all
10Number of Siblings1.351.76
11Number of Children1.201.61
12Your Birth Order See Below
13Focus on Spiritual Matters1.582.01
14How Often Think About Life1.401.75
15People have Souls1.732.20
16People have Pre-Birth Soul1.441.97
17People have After-Life Soul1.652.14
18After-Life Reward or Punishment1.221.77
19Believe God Exists1.762.24
20Believe God Sentient1.532.06
21Believe Man in God's Image0.961.51
22How Often Think Of Death1.371.80
23How do you Think About Death1.321.70
24Responsible For Your Own Life1.582.01
25Protect Lives of Others1.692.08
26Need To Have Children1.351.81
27Belive in ESP1.421.92
28Experienced ESP1.341.72
29Believe in Ghosts1.281.80
30Attend Church1.291.76
31What type of Religion See Below
32Read Religious Matter1.441.93
33Impact of Others Religiosity1.652.02
34For Whom Responsible See Below
35How much are you Resp For Others1.071.50
36PlaceOf Spirituality In your Life1.572.02

Birth Order Distribution
Birth Order Respondents
First43.2 %
Second21.2 %
Middle14.4 %
Next to Last6.1 %
Last19.7 %

Respondent's Religion Distribution
Religion Respondents
Mainstrm. Prot.37.9 %
Evangelical7.6 %
Catholic22.0 %
Jewish2.3 %
Other34.1 %

Belief Evangelism Target Distribution
Targets Respondents
No One40.9 %
Family7.6 %
Friends20.5 %
Acquaintences5.3 %
Everyone34.1 %