This was from an old Readers' Digest, I think and reproduced here as best I can remember it..

The Farmer and the Cooperative Extension Service Agent


The scene is a beautiful autumn evening with the golds and reds of ripening grain and trees reflecting the warm colors of the setting sun. As we top the hill, we see two men standing by a split-rail fence gazing our over the rolling farm country. As we approach, we can hear they are talking.

“And, as I have been explaining,” says a young fresh professional looking man in crisply pressed work clothes, “we at the State University's Cooperative Extension Service have done a survey of the needs of local farmers and have developed an action-item list of things that need to be done..”

The older, quite weather beaten man gently responds, "I really do appreciate what you are trying to do and I will not try to change your mind about it."

The younger man tries a different approach: “There is a lot of good material to help you out.” he says, “Do you subscribe to the Small Farmers' Journal or American Farming? They would help you farm better than you are now. ”

The older man pushes a sweat-stained and battered hat back on his head and says, “Well I appreciate your advice son, but to tell you the truth, I ain't farming half a well as I know how already. ”