Movies Focusing on Moral Courage
Films that Every Person Should Watch

My definition of "Moral Courage Movies" was circumscribed:
the films must include protagonists who were faced with sacrificial choices,
and convey both costs and honor of showing Moral Courage, but they should not focus
on physical courage, e.g. war movies (alas, no "Private Ryan"), or polarizing partisan politics,


A Man for All Seasons - 1966 - standing firm on faith and the rule of law, even unto death

Judgment at Nuremberg - 1961 - maintaining intrinsic principles in spite of political pressures

To Kill a Mockingbird - 1962 - fighting for a human's rights by resisting a society's racial biases

Schindler's List - 1993 - risking everything to save many lives from the jaws of a berserk system

Twelve Angry Men - 1957 - civilly seeking truth and justice, while resisting the rest of the jury

Dead Poets' Society - 1989 - finding personal honor in a conformist academic environment

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - 1939 - opposing pressure in order to do what is honest

The Fountainhead - 1949 - preserving professional integrity in spite of financial ruin

The Scent of a Woman - 1982 - being unwilling to succumb to threats and bribes

Roman Holiday - 1953 - sacrificing love and success to honor duty and ethics

Casablanca - 1943 - recognizing a greater imperative than personal happiness

Bridge of Spies - 2015 - persevering against public and government antagonisms

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