Scenes from the Movies that
I Never Get Tired of Watching

  • Max von Sydow as Joubert telling Robert Redford, playing Condor, about his profession
    near the end of Three Days of the Condor, ending with Joubert casually offering Condor a lift.
    Sydney Pollack – Director
  • Burt Lancaster as Paul LaBiche casting his own babbitt bearing for the disabled engine in
    The Train, ending with his taking the train out of the yard.
    John Frankenheimer – Director
  • Lee Marvin as Kid Shalleen in a gun-handling exhibition as he is introduced to the Ballou clan in
    Cat Ballou, ending with John Marley delivering Frankie Ballou’s line
    “I never saw a man git though a day so fast!”
    Elliott Silverstein – Director
  • Omar Sharif as Sherif Ali emerging from the desert mirage in
    Lawrence of Arabia, ending with the parting of T. E. Lawrence and Sherif Ali.
    David Lean – Director
  • Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert as
    Princess Ann, Joe Bradley and Irving Radovich in the last scene of
    Roman Holiday closing with Joe Bradley’s exit.
    William Wyler – Director
  • Joseph Cotton, Alida Valli, and Trevor Howard as
    Holly Martins, Anna Schmidt and Major Calloway in the graveyard scene of
    The Third Man, ending with Anna walking down the winter tree-lined road.
    Carol Reed – Director
  • Jack Hawkins and Alec Guinness as the British Officers and
    William Holden as the American “Shears” during the demolition of the
    Bridge on the River Kwai from the film of the same name,
    ending with James Donald as Doctor Clipton saying “Madness! Madness!”
    David Lean – Director
  • Koji Yakusho and Fukumi Korda as the Gangster and his mistress in
    the “Egg Yoke Scene” from
    Tampopo ending with the … ‘ending.’
    Juzo Itami – Director
  • Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein arriving at the train station and being greeted by
    Marty Feldman and Teri Garr as Eye-gore and Inga in
    Young Frankenstein, ending in Eye-gore’s saying “I thought you wanted to.”
    Mel Brooks – Director
  • Kevin Klein as Dave, in the film by the same name, in the combination of the two balcony scenes,
    both played against Sigourney Weaver, the First Lady, ending with the exits from the balcony.
    Ivan Reitman – Director
  • Almost everybody in the world
    (Finney, Balsam, Bacall, Connery, Gielgud, Redgrave, Bergman, Perkins,
    Widmark, Hiller, Bisset, York, …) in the train departure scene from
    Murder on the Orient Express ending with the playing of the Waltz.
    Sidney Lumet – Director
  • Martin Sheen and Robert Duvall as Captain Willard and Lt. Col. Kilgore attack the VC in
    Apocalypse Now and ending with the dropping of the Riverine Combat Vessel.
    Francis Ford Coppola – Director
  • Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn and Wilfred Hyde-White as
    Professor Higgins, Eliza Doolittle and Colonel Pickering
    in the opening scene under the columns of the Covent Gardens Opera House
    in Shaw’s play, adapted and adopted by Lerner and Lowe as
    My Fair Lady, ending with the Professor’s dropping the coins in the basket.
    George Cukor – Director
  • Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor as Don, Kathy and Cosmo
    dancing and singing “Good Mornin’” in
    Singing in the Rain, ending with ‘all laugh.’
    Stanley Donan and Gene Kelley – Directors
  • Kevin Costner as Crash Davis performing the petulant parting from
    Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon as Ebby LaLoosh and Annie Savoy in
    Bull Durham, ending in the famous “long slow kisses” soliloquy.
    Ron Shelton – Director
  • Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Raines as Rick, Ilsa, and Louis
    in the closing scene at the airport from
    Casablanca ending with “… a beautiful friendship.”
    Michael Curtiz – Director
  • Steve McQueen as Captain Hilts driving a motorcycle
    (Where’d he get that English Triumph 650 in WWII Germany?) in the closing scenes of
    The Great Escape, ending with his showing his Captain’s bars.
    John Sturges – Director
  • Alan Arkin and Carl Reiner as Lt. Rozanov and the captive “Whittaker Walt”
    under the telephone office, discussing the need to re-float the grounded sub in
    The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Comingending with Walt Whittaker’s
    reaction to Rozanov’s saying “… and everybody is blaming you.”
    Norman Jewison – Director
  • Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis as Professor Fate and The Great Leslie
    on the melting iceberg discussing the necessity of keeping their plight a secret in
    The Great Race, ending with the Professor’s line “… then somebody’s going to hear about it!”
    Blake Edwards – Director
  • John Wayne as Bwana Sean Mercer, but more importantly,
    Henry Mancini’s music, in the chase scene from
    Hatari ending with the capture of the Rhino.
    Howard Hawks – Director
  • Wilford Brimley as Asst AG James Wells, Paul Newman as Michael Gallagher, and
    Sally Field as Megan Carter, in one of the last scenes (one hour and fifty-five minutes into film)
    in the inquiry scene in Absence of Malice, beginning with the Brimley line "Have a seat, folks."
    and ending with his line, "You've got thirty days.".
    Sydney Pollack – Director


David Lean (Bridge on the River Kawai and Lawrence of Arabia)


Sydney Pollack,(Three Days of the Condor and Absence of Malice)

are the only two Directors who have two movies on the list. 

Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady),


Ingrid Bergman (Casablanca and Murder on the Orient Express.)

appear in two of the scenes, the only two performers to do so.

Henry Mancini’s (The Great Race and Hatari.)

music “appears” in two movies as well