Gary Lucier - Phu Bai Vietnam

8th RRFS - 1972

Gary Lucier - 1972

Phu Bai Airport

Air Vietnam Airplane

C130 - At Phu Bai

Phu Bai Airport

Phu Bai Airport

Entrance to Combat Base

Entrance Signs

Main Gate

81mm Mortar Pit

81mm Mortars

Ammo Bunker

Antennas & Ball Field


Back Up Gun Position

Barracks From MortarPits

Body Boxes At Airport

Body Boxes At Airport


Bnkr No3 &Comd Post Bkr


Cobra From Tower F


Hill 182 from Tower F

Gun Position and Hill 182

Gun Truck

Gun Truck BabySitter

Gun Truck Executioner


Gun Truck Unlce Meat

Hill 180

Hue Phu Bai

Mine Exploded

Mine Field

Mortar Unit Phu Bai

Old Rifle Position

Oscar At Phu Bai

Phu Bai Barracks

Phu Bai May '72

Phu Bai Sep 72

Phu Bai Signs

Phu Bai Trench Line

Refugees Hwy1

Refugees Hwy1

Refuigees Hwy1

Rfugees On Hiwy1

Right View From Bnkr3

Roy Wolfe Bunker3

Sand Bag Detail

Sand Bag Detail


Starlight Scope Bnkr3

Tower F-From Trenches


Trench Line

Trench Line And Hill 182

Trench Line

CTR Gary Lucier Phu Bai

Vietnamese Pers On Hwy 1

Wire Left Of Bnkr3
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