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Dan M. Davis (aka: Lurch) last modified: April 3, 2006
Personal Information:
Login: cdrdavis
Name: Dan M. Davis (aka: Lurch)
Address: 6275 E. 6th St.
City: Long Beach
State: California
ZIP: 90803
Country: United States
  Home: 563-342-4971
  Office: 310-909-3487
  Cell: 310-909-3487
DOB: 1944
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: University research
Company: ICT/Univ of So Calif
Company Web Site:
Years in-out: 1967-1971
Vietnam in-out: 1969-1970
MOS-Language: 2571/2574-Viet (Hanoi)
Last Rank: SSgt
Now Then

USMC Travels:

San Diego, MCRD - 4/67 - 8/67
    (Stuck around MCRD ~8 weeks with broken arm)
Camp Pendleton, ITR - 8/67
Pensacola, Company "K" - 8/67 - 3/68
DLI/EC Wash DC - 3/68 - 3/69
    (Vietnamese, Hanoi)
Camp Pendleton, CA - 3/69
    (Staging Bn)
Co "L" MarSptBn, 04/69-04/70
    (7th RRFS, Phu Bai, Viet Nam)
TDY to 1st RadBn, May 69
    (Con Thien, RVN 21 days)
Camp Geiger, NC 3rd RadBn 04/70 - 08/70
8th RRFS, Udorn Thailand 09/70-11/70
Camp Geiger, NC RadBn 12/70 - 04/71
USMCR-Standby 71-73
USNR-Ready CTI-1 04/73-04/75
    (Denver NavResSecGru Unit,
    ACDUTRAs at Pensacola and Monterey)
USNR-Ready Ens => CDR 04/75 - 05/95
    (Denver and Topeka NRSG Units;
    ACDUTRAs at Pensacola, NSA, IB San Diego,
    ComNavSecGru, HQ US Navy, as well as NSGA's
    in London UK, Naples Italy, Misawa Japan)
USNR-Standby 05/95 => 2004
CDR, USNR-Ret 2004 =>

Personal Quote:

"God treats me better than I deserve."


Raising Daughters


Still in DoD work.
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Best set of my war stories:
Some pix from the 'Nam.
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