Dan M. Davis

Independent Consultant
Director, JESPP Project
Computational Science Division
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
Cell: (310) 909-3487

Active in high end computer applications for nearly two decades, Dan Davis focuses his research and community activities on large-scale military simulations and the use of high performance, parallel computers. Currently funded by the U.S. Joint Forces Command, his team has produced products that have been demostrated to the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, the Deputy UnderSecretary of Defense for Science and Technology, Senator Hillary Clinton, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and other major policy-setters. This project provides scalable code to the U.S. Joint Forces Command allowing more than one million individual vehicle and pedestrian independent agents to be simulated in a global-scale terrain data base. He has published several peer-reviewed articles on this work (see below) and is frequently invited to speak on this and associated topics. Regularly attending and presenting at the Interservice Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, High Performance Computing Modernization Conferences, The SC (SuperComputing) Conference, the Coalition of Academic Scientific Computation and The Winter Simulation Conference, he enjoys doing booth duty when invited.

While he is the most happy in front of a class, lately he has found neither the time nor the opportunity to teach. In happier times, he has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He is certified to teach Psychology, Business Law, Corporations, Statistics, and Personnel Management by the State of Colorado. He taught primarily Introduction to Psychology and Business Law at Blair College, Colorado Springs, from 1980 to 1985, where he was once selected as Instructor of the Term. In 1986 he also taught a course in Negotiations to Masters candidates in Denver for the University of Phoenix.

Dan has a continuing interest in and has had extensive experience with government, industry and foundation relations. He has developed a course outline, which has twice been scheduled for offering to graduate students, but both times he had other, more pressing duties that precluded teaching.

Having little time to do any extensive programming, he still appreciates the opportunity to participate in system design and review activities. Writing far more HTML, PHP and JavaScript than any real programming languages of late, he still likes to turn his hand to writing C or Fortran or Perl. He has been active in design rule checking algorithm research, large-scale distributed simulations for the DoD and in researching supercomputer uses in the K-12 area. He was the Chairman of the Coalition of Academic Supercomputing Centers for 1998 and Chaired the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation in 1999. He is on several committees at the University of Southern California and various professional conferneces.

Given time to himself, he would rather "swing a screw driver" building a new computer than almost anything. The JESPP team may be the only team in the country where the Director is the on-line hardware tech. Advising personnel both up and down the chain of command on PC issues, he may not be the confidant of Presidents, but he is the tech on call to Division Directors and new hires alike. A movie buff of nearly obsessional intensity, he is oft disappointed when his colleagues do not show even the most basic intimacy with the body of great cinematic literature.

Selected Recent Papers

Wagenbreth, G., Yao, K-T., Davis, D., Lucas, R., and Gottschalk, T., (Forthcoming, 2005),"Enabling 1,000,000-Entity Simulations on Distributed Linux Clusters," WSC05-The Winter Simulation Conference, Orlando, Florida, Publication pending

Davis, D. & Baer, G., (Forthcoming, 2005)," High Performance Computing Facilities of Joint Military Simulation Data Management," International Test and Evaluation Association Modelling an Simulation Conference, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Publication pending

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Messina, P., Davis, D. et al., (1997) "Synthetic Forces Express: A New Initiative in Scalable Computing for Military Simulations." Proceedings of the Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Orlando, March 1997

Invited Speaker

Davis, D., "Scoping, Specifying and Satisfying the Need for Large-Scale Distributed Data Management," at the 3rd Cluster Symposium On the Use of Commodity Clusters for Large-Scale Scientific Applications 2005, Arlington, Virginia, July, 2005

Davis, D., "Interactive HPC for Forces Modeling and Simulation: HPCMP's Distributed Center for JFCOM's JESPP Project ," at the HPCMP User Group Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, June, 2005

Davis, D., "Joint Experimentation on Scalable Parallel Processors," at the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), Modeling and Simulation Workshop, Las Cruces, New Mexico, December, 2004

Davis, D., "Large-Scale Military Simulations on Linux Clusters: Update, Remote DCs and Interactive Ops," at the 2nd Annual Symposium on the On the Use of Commodity Clusters for Large-Scale Scientific Applications, Arlington, Virginia, July, 2004

Davis, D., "Large-Scale Intelligent Agent Simulations on Linux Clusters: Applications, Implementations, and Implications," at the Symposium on the On the Use of Commodity Clusters for Large-Scale Scientific Applications, Arlington, Virginia, July, 2003