Note on Status of MHPCC Procurement

The USC team members, more specifically Dr. Robert F. Lucas and I, were instrumental in contributing to the proposal for the MHPCC contract that was submitted by SAIC.

That team was led by Randy South and Steve Karwoski of SAIC.

SAIC prevailed and won easily at the technical review level and the team was selected by AFRL to run MHPCC.

The losers launched a series of protests which delayed award of the contract for a year and a half.

One of these protests resulted in the technical review board's meeting a second time and SAIC won again and was once again selected for the award.

Virtually none of the protests alleged any substantive misconduct on the part of SAIC, but called into question various parties' compliance with very technical procedural requirements promulgated by the government.

During these delays, the incumbent contractor, who was one of the protestors, retained management of the center under statutorily mandated extensions of the previous contract.

Finally, the Air Force gave up and the management contract was swept under the aegis of the HPCMP omnibus contract, which was subsequently won again by SAIC, with Steve Karwoski as a major participant.

Again, this award has been protested.

The USC team awaits final word on the resolution of this award and notification as to whether USC will play any part in the contract after the award.

Over a couple of decades, I have been a member of several teams bidding on successive MHPCC contracts.

In each case, the team of which I was a member was awarded the highest score by the technical review members.

One award was made to the second place team; in another award, my team won so decisively that it was given the contract; finally, the last two boards awarded the contract to the SAIC team on which I served, but protests obstructed the award until AFRL canceled the procurement and turned the selection over to HPCMP.