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Ceranowicz, et al. 1994 WinterSim ModSAF   No Longer on Line
Ceranowicz, et al. 2002I/ITSEC Reflections On Building The Joint Experimental Federation  No Longer on Line
Keter 2003 I/ITSEC DCEE Simulation-to-C4I Capabilities and Architecture Overview  No Longer on Line
Ceranowicz, et al. 2003 I/ITSEC Moving toward a Distributed Continuous Experimentation Environment
Ceranowicz, et al. 2004 JDMS Adapting to Urban Warfare-1
Chauturvedi, et al. 2004 I/ITSEC Simulating Non-Kinetic Aspects of Warfare
Williams, et al. 2004 I/ITSEC Creating a Communication Infrastructure for Simulating Urban Operations
Ceranowicz, et al. 2004 I/ITSEC Adapting to Urban Warfare-2
Anhalt 2006 I/ITSEC Situational Awareness Objects (SAOs), A Collaborative Toolset for Players, Controllers and Analysts
Ceranowicz, et al. 2006 I/ITSEC Sides, Force, and ROE for Asymmetric Environments
Richbourg, et al. 2008 I/ITSEC My Simulation is from Mars; Yours is from Venus
Wallace, et al. 2009 I/ITSEC Model Composability and Multi-Architecture LVC Interoperability