Informal Poll on Research Administration and Funding Issues

(Results will be published at the results site when
enough responses are received to merit analysis)



When did you graduate?
            Bachelors   Masters   Doctoral

Where do you work?
                (Non-US Areas at End of List)


Which best describes your degree or the field in which you are working :

Which best describes the University that awarded your highest degree.
     (Use US News & World Rpt. Colleges definitions and rankings)

Which best describes your position title or professional level?

How many hours each standard work week (40 hours) do you spend doing actual research?

How many hours writing research papers and reports?

How many hours seeking funding and preparing proposals?

How many hours doing research management functions: hiring, evaluating, accounting, negotiating, ...?

In which area do you feel you were the most poorly prepared upon graduation?

How much do you think you would have benefited from training in the "non-scientific" areas of Research Administration?

How much exposure to research management did you get as a graduate student?

How many new proposal have you lost due to administrative obstacles?

Do you believe better training could have averted these losses?

How many times have you been chastised, formally or informally, for an administrative gaffe?

How many times has your funder or program manager been frustrated with your administrative issues?

How often do you have to stop what you are doing in order to master a new administrative skill or procedure?

How many semester hours of accounting have you had?

How many semester hours of management did you receive?

How many semester hours of technical writing did you receive?

How many semester hours do you think would have adequately prepared you for you administrative duties?

In retrospect, how likely would you have been to have given up a class in your discipline in order to take a Research Administration course?

As far as you know, does/did your University offer such a class?

How certain are you that your research activities are negatively impacted by administrative burdens?

What portion of your total career has involved some degree of Research Administrative tasks?

What would you prefer to do?

How often do you meet with your junior researchers in a formal counseling session?

What best characterizes how you feel when faced with administrative tasks?

If you feel responsible for others' administrative obligations and support, who is included?

What level of this responsibility do you feel for their support?

What do you think describes your opinion of the importance of research administrative issues?


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