Memories of Our Days At Cheyenne

Many of the class have contributed cherished memories. We have tried to organize them by topic, but you are encouraged to read all of them and contribute memories of your own that you would like to share. Pictures are welcome as well. Just email with the text and attach any photos you want included.


CMHS Class of 62, 50th Reunion

Our 30th Reunion has come and gone,
Now we're on our 50th's dawn,
Like it or not, we're much older,
Around the blocks now, much bolder.

Our numbers now are fewer than before,
Yet we continue on life's track,
Stories and memories we'll leave as our lore,
Nearer the end, than beginning, is fact.

Good fortunes yes, but tragedies too,
We've played the cards we were dealt,
Extremes in luck were had by a few,
Not to chase life, our spirits would melt.

Memories need tweaking yet emotions are clear,
Time is slipping which somehow we fear,
Youth is gone - even middle age is fleeting,
The future looms, it's not retreating.

High School friendships and youthful dreams,
Our experiences now would fill reams,
The next generation beams as did we,
It's a new day for youth, in their glee.

We merely look on, older, wiser, well used,
Memories, tales, dreams, regrets, all fused,
We've made our marks, and had our loves,
It's time to smile on all that was.

Barry Smith

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