Informal Poll on Spirituality

(Results will be analyzed and a summary
of them will be published at the results site when
enough responses are received to merit an analysis)



When were you born?

Day (optional)   Month   Year

Where did you grow up (go to high school)?
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Ethnic Ancestry::

Level of Education:

How many Brothers and Sisters did you have (who survived infancy)?

How many children have you had or do you plan to have?

In relation to your siblings, which best describes in which order you were born?

As to the issues of spirituality in your life, how would you describe their importance?

How often do you think about issues of the meaning of life or the purpose of your existence?

Do you think humans have a soul (an existence outside of their physical bodies)?

Do you think that the soul exists before the person was born?

Do you think that the soul exists after the person dies?

Do you think that a person is either rewarded or punished after death?

Do you believe in an eternal being, force or god?

Do you believe that such eternal being, force or god is sentient?

Do you believe people and god look alike?

How often do you think about your own death?

When you do think about it, what characterizes you thoughts most?

How responsible do you feel you are for behaving morally in life and preparing for death?

Independent of law or mores, how important is it for you to protect the lives of others?

Independent of social and family pressure, how important is it for you to have children?

Do you believe that Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is a real phenomenon?

Have you ever experienced ESP or related phenomena yourself?

Do you believe in the presence of ghosts or the spirits of the dead?

Which best describes the part of your life that you have attended religious services regularly?

Which of the following most accurately describes the religion which you practiced the most?

How often do you read or listen to material relating to spirituality or religion?

What best characterizes how you feel when others speak of their own spirituality or religion?

If you feel responsible for others coming to accept and practice your views on spirituality or religion, who is included?

What level of this responsibility do you feel to explain your faith and convert others to it?

What is the place in your life for your feelings about faith, church and theology?