Dan M. Davis


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Spring 1944 - Born in Holden Hospital, Carbondale IL

Father CPA in Carbondale, Mother Full Time Mom,
Two Brothers, Age 12 and Age 2
June 1944 - Moved to Buffalo, NY
Where Father, now a LTJG, SC, USNR, contracts officer
June 1945, Eldest Brother Graduated from 8th Grade

June 1945 - Moved back to Carbondale IL; LTJG Davis assigned to DC

Father released from Active Duty, June 1946
Admitted to Law School September 1946

November 1946- Moved to Student Housing Urbana IL;

Father attended U of Ill. Law School
First memories are of life there, tonsillectomy, getting into trouble, ...
Eldest Brother graduated from University High School, Urbana, IL
May 1949 - Maternal Grandmother dies in Illinois, liver cancer

June 1949 - Moved to Pinknyville, IL

Lived with Maternal Grandparents
Father took bar exam

September 1949 - Moved to Carbondale, IL

Lived in house on Beverage St, with family, including Maternal Grandfather,
Eldest Brother, attended Southern Illinois University,
Elder Brother, in primary and secondary school

1949-55 - Attended Brush Elementary School, Carbondale

February 1950 - Younger Brother born in Belleville, IL
April 1950 - Maternal Grandfathe dies, heart attack (really old age)
October 1951 - Eldest Brother, called to active duty, USNR, in Memphis TN
Upon Release, Eldest Brother graduates from Univ. of Illinois. Champagne-Urbana
He is then admitted to UI School of Veterinary Medicine, DVM 1957

Fall 1955 - Moved to Colorado Springs, CO

1955-56 - Attended Cañon Elementary School

1956-58 - Attended Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School

1958-62 - Attended Cheyenne Mountain High School

1960-62 - Worked as Apprentice Pharmacist, Skiffington's on Nevada Ave

1960 Elder Brother graduates from Cheyenne Mountain High School
He goes to Southern Illinois University, later BA, Carthage, and MBA, Univ of Chicago

1962-64 - Attended University of Colorado, Boulder CO

1962-64 - School years, worked part-time as waiter/fry cook in Tulagi's, a beer hall

Summers 63 & 64 - Worked as brakeman on Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway

Fall 1964 - Moved to Lake Bluff IL with Elder Brother; Eldest Brother got job for me

1964-67 - Worked for Abbott Laboratories as Engineering Technician extracting antibiotics

1967-1971 - Pvt to Sgt. USMC, California, Florida, DC, Vietnam, N. Carolina, Thailand.

Fall 1968 - Met and began courting future wife, BA Univ of Maryland, '68

Fall 1968 - Younger Brother admitted to Duke Univ.

He went to Duke as NROTC Midshipman, Concentrated on Computer Science
BSEE in '73, Commissioned as Ensign, USN, assigned to NucPower School.
He served 12 year, including early promotion to LCDR, but left Navy to pursue PhD at
UNC Chaple Hill, advisee of Fred Brooks, awarded PhD in CS, '90

April 1971 - DMD Released from Active Duty, Hon Disch.

Summer 1971 - Worked at Abbott Laboratories as Engineering Technician in Environmental Department

August 1971 - Married, Takoma Park MD

1971-1973 - Attended University of Colorado, Boulder CO, Emphasis - Quantitative Psychology, Computer Science

Fall 1971 - Promoted to SSgt, USMCR

1973 - Admitted to Univ. of Colorado MBA program, did core courses while still undergrad

August 1973 - BA in Psychology, University of Colorado

1973-75 - Admitted to and attended Univ. of Colorado School of Law

1973-75 - Duty as CTI-1 in US Naval Reserve, (weekend drills, summer two-week training)

1974 - First Daughter born in Boulder Colorado

Summer 1975 - Commissioned as Ensign, US Naval Reserve, 1615, Cryptologic, Unrestricted Line

December 1975 - Graduated with Juris Doctor, one term early, having attended two summer terms

March 1976 - Admitted to Colorado Gourts, Federal District Court (Colo) and 10th Circuit Appeals Court.

Spring 1976 - Moved to Colorado Springs, to practice law there with Father

1976-85 - Attorney in Colorado Spring (general practice, clean record - no malpractice suits, no disbarment)

February 1976 - Paternal Grandmother dies in Illinois, dementia and pneumonia

1977 - Second Daughter born in Colorado Springs CO

January 1977 - Paternal Grandfather dies in Illinois, kidney failure

May 1980 - Third Daughter born in Colorado Springs, CO

1983 - Admitted to U.S. Supreme Court

07 December 1984 - Father dies in Colorado, colon cancer

June, 1985 - Left practice of law to return to research in defense industry.

1985-88 - Worked at Martin Marietta, Waterton CO as Contract Administrator on Classified Project

Fall 1988 - Accepted position with Martin at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena CA

Summer 1989 - Family moved to La Cañada CA

1988-92 - Worked on ASAS project at JPL as Software Engineer/Classification Manager

1992-98 - Appointed Assistant Director, Center for Advanced Computing Research, Caltech, Pasadena CA

1998-2001 - Associate Director, Strategic Development, Information Sciences Institute, Univ. of Southern California

Spring 2001 - Member of Univ. of Hawai'i Proposal Team for Maui High Performance Computing Center contract

2001-02 - Director of Contracts and Finance, Maui High Performance Computing Center, Kihei, HI

2002 - Retired as Commander, USNR, Cryptologic Specialty

Duty Stations as Reserve Officer- Pensacola FL, Montery CA, Washington DC, Alexandria VA,
Ft Meade MD, San Diego CA, Misawa Japan, Naples Italy and London UK (did duty at some
stations for three or four two-week tours over the course of my career)

2002 - 2011 - Director JESPP Project, Information Sciences Institute, USC, Marina del Rey CA

June 2003 - Mother dies in Colorado, multiple organ failure and pneumonia

March 2003 - Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, chemo and radiation therapy

June 2004 - Wife earns Masters degree at USC in Communications Management

March 2005 - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma did not reappear, indications of complete remission

November 2005 - Gall bladder removed (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) in Pasadena CA, due to gall stone

Fall 2006 - Moved to Culver City CA

February, 2011- Grandson Born in Arlington Virginia

2011-Present - Independent Consultant to ISI/USC and member of SAIC's proposal team for MHPCC contract

August 2012 - On winning team to administer the Maui High Performance Computing Center, later cancelled

September 2012 - Moved to Long Beach CA

October 2012 - First Grandaughter born in Washington DC

October 2014 - Second Grandaughter born in Washington DC

Winter 2014/15 Part of new training initiative

Spring 2016 - Gave tech writing lecture at Sato Academy of Math and Science

Summer 2016 - Part of winning team on Navy Contract at ICT, USC